Our scooter deliveries are needed by many customers across the globe, and as a renowned distributing company, we take pride in being able to deliver our models to all European countries.

Being one of top Veleco distributors, we offer very short delivery times:

  • In Germany we are able to deliver in just 5-9 working days
  • Deliveries to other European countries happen between 7-12 working days

Our deliveries are free only in the European Union countries*, with the exception of shipping to islands, in which case the cost of ferry would have to be covered by customer.

Cost of delivery outside of the European Union, will have to be covered by the customer.

We do not ship our scooters to other continents, because that would require either:

  • Usage of plane, which would damage the fragile battery
  • Usage of ships, in which case the transport would have to be arranged by clients.

The delivery time can change depending on the country zone and the peak times such as holiday, Christmas etc.

*Exception: Islands, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Romania, Sweden, Portugal