About Us

Lauftech GmbH – Starting out

Lauftech GmbH has its humble beginnings with a small team of very passionate and dedicated people. Various life events have brought us together, each determined to make a meaningful change for the better. For us, and our customers, It all started out back in October 2019. 

The beginning took place when we contacted Veleco, a manufacturer of the best electric mobility scooter. With their approval, we began distribution of their mobility vehicles across Germany. For us, their models were products we knew well for their high quality and ease of use which is why we started to distribute them. The manufacturer offered a wide choice, ranging from electric mobility scooters, to mopeds and even electric bicycles, suitable for needs of our clientele.

Climbing to the top

Like a snowball cast from the mountain top, we grew quicker than anyone would think it to be possible. At first, it was just a few sales of vehicles which aided many of our clients in their daily life according to our motto:

Bring back happiness and freedom of movement

By doing so, in just a year, our team dedication and support quickly turned a few sales into dozens a day. Then those dozens became hundreds, placing us among the top leading mobility scooter distributors across Germany.

Lauftech GmbH today

As our reach grew in size, so have widened our borders. Because of all that hard work, now we are able to distribute mobility scooters across all of Europe. Today at Lauftech GmbH, our team numbers much more people, each specialized in their respective field.

Give us a chance, and we will do everything within our ability to improve the quality of your life. We are always willing to help our customers make one of the best life-changing decisions, doing the best we can at all times.