12 months international seller guarantee
We offer a one-year warranty on our vehicles so you can feel confident in your purchase. At Lauftech GmbH we know very well how important it is for our customers to have a guarantee. Our services also include offering an advanced option.

What does our one-year warranty cover?
For your convenience, we provide a list of parts covered by our warranty:

rubber components,
Plastic parts (except body)
Also electronic assemblies, including:

Battery – Six Month Warranty
The battery has a separate six-month warranty provided by the battery manufacturer. Please note that gradual deterioration in performance due to mishandling is not covered by the warranty. This contains:

Leave batteries in a discharged state.
If you leave the batteries exposed to low temperatures for a long time,
Wear of the battery with heavy use.
What is not covered by our one-year warranty?
Lauftech GmbH does not guarantee items that may need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear in daily use. Items that fall under this category include:

tires and tubes,
ABS plastic covers,
Upholstery and seat (armrest pads & seat cover)
motor brushes,
brake pads,
fuses and light bulbs,
Repairs and / or modifications to parts without the consent of Lauftech GmbH
The one-year warranty also excludes:

loss or theft,
damage from contamination
Damage caused by misuse, accident or negligence,
spilling or leaking battery fluid,
Problems caused by improper operation, maintenance or storage,
Damage caused by commercial use or other than normal,
Damage caused by exceeding the weight capacity of the device.
The guarantee is not transferable to other persons!

Our guarantee does not apply to repairs by unauthorized persons and after tampering with the device or for other circumstances beyond the control of Lauftech GmbH.