What is the maximum speed of the mobility scooter?

The maximum speed of the vehicle is 12 km/h. Before use, please inform yourself about the legal road traffic regulations.

Is the scooter accelerated with the right or left hand?

The scooter is accelerated with the right hand.

How long should I charge my scooter?

The scooter should be charged between 6 and 8 hours.

How should the scooter be stored?

The scooter should be stored in a dry place with good ventilation such as a garage or shed. Storing a scooter outside in a humid environment could damage electronic components.

Can I use my scooter in the rain?

Yes, you can use the scooter during the rain, but it is recommended to avoid heavy rain.

Can I remove the battery from my scooter?

If the scooter is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, you can also take it out and charge it at home. Lead-acid batteries cannot be removed for charging and should only be removed by a certified technician.

How can I order a scooter?

You can buy the scooter directly on our site or you can call us on  +49 3975 4139 975 . The order can also be submitted by email to [email protected].

What is the estimated delivery time?

The delivery time within Germany takes 5 to 7 working days.
The delivery times abroad can be from 10 to 15 working days.

When do I get the exact delivery date?

You will receive a message with the delivery date at least 2 days before delivery. In addition, our driver always tries to contact you before delivery to confirm the estimated delivery time (at least one hour before arrival).

How can I track my order?

You will receive an email with a link where you can follow the purchase process.

Do I have to assemble the scooter myself?

No, the scooter is already fully assembled and delivered to you ready to drive.

Do I have to confirm my identity upon delivery?

Yes, for the safety of the customer and to complete the purchase, an ID card or passport must be presented upon delivery. We want to make sure that you are authorized to pick up the scooter.

Do I have to sign something upon delivery?

Yes. Our driver will ask you to sign all documents: scooter inspection, damage report, delivery note and the invoice.

Which payment method can I use?

We accept payment with PayPal, credit card, bank transfer and installment purchase via Klarna.

How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping within Germany and
to most countries of the European Union (mainland only, no islands) is free of charge for you.
The shipping costs for most countries are shown in the shopping cart.

How long is the guarantee?

The guarantee period is 12 months.

What should I do if I have problems with my scooter?

All our scooters come with a 12 month guarantee. If you have any problems, please email us and we will try to solve the problem.

Do I have a right of return?

You can send the scooter back at your own expense. If you wish, we can also take care of the return transport, but we charge a fee of 250 euros for this.

Do you also sell spare parts?

You can buy the spare parts directly from the manufacturer Veleco. You can access the manufacturer’s website under the menu item “Spare parts” on our website.

The range of the batteries

When it comes to ranges, it should be noted that the actual range achieved is influenced by several factors:

  • The capacity of the batteries
  • The driving style of the driver (does he drive full throttle all the time or not)
  • The speed level (the lower the gear, the higher the range)
  • Payload and the weight of the driver (the higher the weight, the lower the range)
  • The terrain and the nature of the roadway. (If the road surface is flat or hilly, drive on asphalt, gravel roads or forest roads).
  • The tire pressure of the wheels
  • Environmental conditions, such as eg. headwind.
  • The average range of the batteries was determined under the following conditions: person weighing 75 kg and driving defensively. A straight, flat and paved road, no headwind, dry and no low temperatures.