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At Lauftech, you can order a lithium-ion battery mobility scooter FASTER. By default, this model comes with a lead-acid gel battery included however, we offer you an option to upgrade it with the removable kind of battery. The FASTER model is one of the most favoured scooters, due to having four wheels, which offer most stability.

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FASTER – Top mobility aid

At Lauftech, we offer only the best and that would be the top mobility aid, model FASTER. One of the most reliable mobility scooters to grace German roads, was developed by Veleco, and thoroughly tested. Due to that, the FASTER model is one of the most favoured scooters by all seniors. Part of it are the four wheels, which offer the feeling of most stability.

You might wonder what’s the top mobility aid, to meet all needs. Taking in account all customer feedback, then FASTER was first introduced in 2019. The manufacturer has taken special consideration into developing a model which would offer the most comfort to the biggest group of possible customers.

This was how the model FASTER came to existence and to this day, it is a top mobility aid often bought by seniors of various ages.

Technologically advanced top mobility aid

Most notable technological feature of this top mobility aid would be the four wheel system. The secure axis in the construction makes the model have full suspension while at the same time not impacting ease of use. This is why with this model, you can at all times feel full stability.

An important part of the design comes in the form of full LED lights, which prevent big power consumption. In this way, model FASTER will take you to far away places while also being safe to use during nighttime.

Equipped with a silent motor of 1000W the scooter can reach max speed of 25 km/h without any trouble. Did you know that model FASTER can be also ordered with a canopy that will shield you during long travels outside? Check out FASTER with a roof. 

FASTER and safer than any mobility scooter

You will definitely be impressed by the fact that this top mobility aid is a class-3 scooter. This means you can use it on both pavement and roads, without the need of a driving licence.

If you look for a reliable mobility vehicle, that will take you to your destination without any trouble at all, this is the one.

One of the things you’d definitely wish to know is the fact that we can deliver this mode in up to 12 working days.

Care to order now? We have one just for you!

Additional information

Motor Voltage
Battery Size (Ah)
5x 20Ah / 60V
Battery Type
30-40 mi
45-60 km
Front: Hydraulic disc
Rear: Drum
Wheel size
Front: 3.00-8"
Rear: 3.00-10”
Number of wheels
Max Speed
8 mph UK
25 km/h EU
Scooter weight
19 st
126 kg
Max user weight
25 st
160 kg
Adjustable Seat
62.9 × 27.1 × 41.3 in
160 × 69 × 105 cm
Road Slope
Up To 30%
Up to 17°
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