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Model GRAVIS is a four wheel mobility scooter intended to help with regaining full freedom. As a heavy-duty disability scooter, it is able to tackle difficult uphill riding and getting from one far away place to another without any trouble, while keeping the rider perfectly safe.


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GRAVIS heavy-duty disability scooter

Did you know that model GRAVIS heavy-duty disability scooter is one of the top vehicles on the mobility market.

With the ongoing popularity of four wheeled model FASTER, in the middle of 2021 Veleco has decided to introduce one more product on four wheels. Model GRAVIS is a perfect solution to everyone who looks for full stability and a sense of security when driving a mobility scooter. Thanks to this model, lost freedom is again something to take joy in and outdoor  trips feel perfect.

Easy to read dashboard

With GRAVIS heavy-duty disability scooter, you will no longer be angry at hard to read dashboard. This model comes with full LED lights all around which makes it perfect to navigate during nighttime.

On top of that, GRAVIS has a unique black display, with brightly green and red colored indicators. This way the rider will never be prevented from clearly reading what is going on during the usage.

Just like FASTER, this mobility scooter comes equipped with a powerful motor of 1000W. With it, it is very easy to reach max speed of  12 km/h EU.

Bigger storage and Improved seat

GRAVIS heavy-duty disability scooter addresses the issue of not having enough storage space. With a bigger and stylish lockbox in the back.The manufacturer Veleco has also taken into account the storage under the seat. As per many requests of customers, it has also been enhanced to become more spacious.

For those who wished for an even more comfortable seat, model GRAVIS also surprises with this feature Now very long rides are not only stylish but even more pleasant than before.

What are the other awesome features?

  • Batteries and charger included
  • LED display
  • Speedometer and Odometer
  • Soft-Start
  • Lockable under seat storage and lockbox
  • Aluminum rims
  • Reverse gear, Parking brake
  • Adjustable armchair
  • Hazard lights
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Comprehensive lighting
  • Adjustable seat position
  • USB charger
  • Cup holder, Shopping handle

Additional information

Motor Voltage
Battery Size (Ah)
5x 20Ah / 60V
Battery Type
45-50 km
Front: Hydraulic disc Rear: Drum
Wheel size
Front: 3.00-8" Rear: 3.00-10”
Number of wheels
Max Speed
12 km/h EU
Max user weight
160 kg
Adjustable Seat
170 × 69 × 106 cm
Road Slope
Up To 30% Up to 17°


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