Veleco adjustable backrest bag for mobility scooters


This adjustable backrest bag, tailored for captain seat models and electric wheelchairs, presents a superior solution for storing necessities such as walking sticks, oxygen containers, umbrellas, and shopping items. It’s an ideal choice for individuals seeking ease and self-reliance, enabling straightforward access to possessions without needing to stand up.

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Enhanced storage capacity for necessities

Tailor-made to seamlessly integrate with captain seat models and the Veleco COSMO electric wheelchair, this backrest bag's expandable design includes various zippered compartments, offering generous room for your essential gear. It serves as a perfect option for those requiring additional storage space for items like walking aids, oxygen supplies, umbrellas, or significant grocery purchases.

Backrest bag for enhanced mobility scooter usability

Featuring an intuitive design, this expandable backrest bag for mobility scooters simplifies accessing your items without having to get up, positioned conveniently on the backrest to keep everything within arm's reach. It's an essential accessory for anyone prioritizing autonomy and ease, improving your mobility experience by ensuring you have all you need for outings.

Durable construction

Manufactured with premium materials, the adjustable backrest bag is not just roomy but also built to last, capable of enduring the daily demands of use. Its sturdy build offers peace of mind that your items are protected and secure, whether riding through crowded areas or relishing a quiet time outdoors.

The attention to detail in its design and production phases confirms that the Veleco adjustable backrest bag is a dependable and functional addition to your mobility scooter for daily activities.


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