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This Veleco DRACO model is equipped with a roof. The DRACO is designed for seniors and people with disabilities who may have difficulty using a throttle grip. In this model, the twist grip has been replaced with an acceleration button. The Draco is also available with a removable lithium-ion battery and solid rubber tires.

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Veleco DRACO a mobility scooter with roof

The Veleco DRACO senior mobile is characterized by its innovative acceleration button instead of a conventional throttle twist grip. This button allows for effortless acceleration, making the scooter particularly user-friendly. The DRACO is also designed for customers who have difficulty with their right hand and does not require precise hand movements. This scooter is easy to use and versatile.

A practical roof

The practical roof not only provides additional protection, but also improves your driving experience regardless of the weather conditions. It provides safe protection from sun and rain and allows you not to let unpredictable weather limit your mobility. The roof is particularly valuable in winter because the integrated windshield protects against the cold wind. This means you can enjoy your trips all year round without having to worry about the weather.

Also, available with a lithium-ion battery

The DRACO is also available with a lithium-ion battery that is securely installed under the seat and yet can be easily removed. This allows convenient charging at home without having to connect the scooter to a charger. Alternatively, the battery can be charged directly in the scooter, which offers additional convenience. This flexibility ensures that your mobility scooter is always ready for use.

What else does Draco have to offer?

The Veleco Draco features a powerful 800-watt electric motor for efficient rides. An automatic magnetic motor braking system prevents the scooter from rolling back on slopes as long as the brakes are not applied, ensuring safety while riding. To store your belongings, there is a spacious lockable storage space under the seat* and a lockable top case on the backrest. An integrated cupholder and a comfortable shopping handle are further practical features that make the DRACO an extremely practical companion. The 3-wheel design ensures stability and safety while driving compared to traditional two-wheelers. The scooter also has two small stability wheels, which offer additional safety, especially on inclines.

With the Draco you are not only mobile, but also well-equipped to enjoy your daily tasks and activities to the fullest. Experience the power, safety and practicality that this scooter offers. The Veleco Draco is completely electrically powered and is therefore completely emission-free without releasing harmful CO₂. This electric scooter is not only environmentally friendly but also future-proof.

The mobility scooter will be sent to you fully assembled.


Roof with windshield
800 watts
LED headlights
Adjustable armrests
2 speed levels
Electromagnetic brake
Acceleration button
USB charging socket
Rearview mirror
Steering wheel lock
remote control
Parking brake
Reverse gear

* In the lithium-ion version, the battery is located in the storage space under the seat.

You can also order the following accessories for the Draco:

Seat belt
Phone holder

Additional information

Motor Voltage
Battery Size (Ah)
4x 20Ah / 48V
Battery Type
Lead acid
Lithium ion
45-50 km
Front: drum
Rear: drum
Wheel size
Front: 3.00-10"
Rear: 3.00-10"
Number of wheels
Max Speed
12 km/h
Max user weight
160 kg
Adjustable Seat
152 × 67 × 170 cm
Road Slope
Up to 30%
Up to 17°


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