VELECO Sagitta – electric moped with sport mode

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Veleco SAGITTA is an electric moped that rides as fast as an arrow. With a unique MLS system, it can tackle multiple terrain types. With Lithium-Ion of 72V it has a very long range. Powerful motor of 2000W ensures that you can drive this vehicle really fast and climb any hill.

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Veleco SAGITTA – With the speed of an arrow

Do you know that Veleco SAGITTA electric moped is the only scooter equipped with SPORT mode in our offer?

For very long distance travels of approximately 70 kilometres on a single charge, Veleco SAGITTA offers the most important commodity: fun. Developed and manufactured by Veleco company, it is once more a highly luxurious vehicle. Both environment friendly and easy to use, it is a perfect gift for yourself or someone close. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes and full suspension offer smooth and safe ride at all times.

Even though the scooter has quite a big dimension it is also very light, only 105 kg. One of the best features of Veleco SAGITTA electric moped is the ability to carry two people at the same time. The cherry on top of this vehicle is a remote controller, which allows for turning on/off the alarm and remote ignition.

Veleco SAGITTA – Electric moped with SPORT mode

The manufacturer Veleco did not forget to add something brand new. SAGITTA has a very unique electric mopeds SPORT mode. This mode when turned on, allows for quicker gain in speed. By pumping more juice into a 2000W motor, the vehicle reaches astonishing speeds.

MSL – Multi-functional tilting system

Model SAGITTA comes with a unique multi-functional tilting system. The two front wheels are located securely on an axis with suspension that allows for a very smooth ride. The system enhances braking, turning and managing obstacles to heights never known before. This results in the rider having more control over the vehicle, especially in difficult road situations.

We used to only have model ITANGO in our offer with similar features, but it has apparently become a trend. The vehicles with two front wheels are still unique, but it is definitely fashionable. Be the first to purchase Veleco SAGITTA electric moped. We are sure that you’ll make everyone envious very fast!

Additional information

Motor Voltage
Battery Size (Ah)
Battery Type
60-70 km
Hydraulic disc brakes
Wheel size
Front: 100/60-12x2 Rear: 90/70R12
Number of wheels
Max Speed
45 km/h
Scooter weight
Max user weight
185 kg
Adjustable Seat
181×80×118 cm/ 71 x 31 x 46 in
Road Slope
Up To 30% Up to 17°


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